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Welcome to Exer Technologies

Exer Technologies is established in 1990, as a distributor of electronics and electromechanical components and representative of major manufacturers.


Exer Technologies have achieved various milestones and obtained many awards in its course of business expansion. Some of the notable awards include the Singapore SME Award 2012, Rohm Award 2006, 2007 and ISSI Award 2005, 2007 and 2009.


We carry a wide and comprehensive range of products that includes:



• Serial Flash, Flash Card Controller

• Power IC's (AC-DC, DC-DC)

• Thin Film Device (Resistors, Attenuators)

• Industrial Controller IC's

• Crystal Oscillators

• PCBs

• LCD Driver / LCM

• Opto Electronics device

• Electroylic Capacitor

• Filter/Equalizer/Sound Processor

• Discrete Diodes, Transistors, Mosfet

• LED driver IC's, LED Tube, Pin Diodes, LED Lamps and Displays

• MEMs Sensor, MCU

• Power magnetics devices

• Antennas for NFC, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and WLAN

• Fine pitch floating point connectors and micro coaxial cable

• IGBT driver IC and Power Modules

• Wi-Fi modules, Bluetooth chip and modules

News / Updates

12 May 2017: Updated Principal/Manufacturer and product line card.


16 Feb 2017: Updated Principal/Manufacturer and product line card.

14 Sep 2016: Updated Principal/Manufacturer and product line card.


5 Sep 2016: ISSI launches new Low Power, High Bandwidth,CRC error detecting 4Gbit DDR4 DRAM. Download press release here.

ISSI launches the Next Generation family of Matrix FxLED Driver ICs. Download press release here.


23 Aug 2016: ISSI Introduces Automotive Grade 256Mb SPI NOR Flash with 166 MHz Multi I/O SPI and DTR modes. Download press release here.


16 Jun 2015: Updated China address.


13 Feb 2015: Updated Principal/Manufacturer and product line card.


31 Oct 2014: Updated Principal/Manufacturer and product line card.

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19 May 2014: Updated English product line card and company address.


11 Jun 2013: Our website has just been revamped.

For any feedbacks, please email to billy@exercorp.com


23 Apr 2013: New products has just been added. For more details, please contact us.